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45 colleagues, members, non-members and former members came to the Freizeitanlage Hölderli in Winterthur to join to celebrate the end of the summer 2021 at the AV2T Grill Party which took place in August as the infection rate in July was high while not that many people were vaccinated. As the weather was quite nice it was possible to stay outside.


See below some impressions.

Gallery of our Events 2021

Seckli-Zmittag                Summer-Grill-Party 2021


Gallery of our Events 2020

Skiing Day                                                                               Summer-Grill-Party 2020

Gallery of our Events 2019

Skiing Day                                    Raclette-Grill                               General Meeting GV                    Grill-Party              Seckli-Zmittag

Gallery of our Events 2018

Raclette-Grill                         Skiing Day                              Summer-Gill-Party                                Coffee & Cake Day                     


Gallery of our Events 2017

Summer Grill-Party

General Meeting

Skiing Day