The Members of the AV2T-Board


The Members of the AV2T-Board are nominated by VdA and instated during the annual General Meeting (GV).

Historically, the Members of the AV2T-Board bear a double-role and are also the VdA-Representatives of the companies.

Even though some members have specialized tasks within AV2T, we have organized ourselves in a flat hierarchy.

We are here to support you and you may address any one of us with your work related & legal questions and issues.                   We are pledged to discretion and serving our Members.

...   Of course, we are also very happy to hear from you, when all is well ;-)

Seraina Waldburger


Co-President / Secretary



E-Mail seraina.waldburger (at)










Selina Marty






selina.marty (at)

Reto Züger






reto.zuger (at)