What is AV2T?

AV2T = Employees’ Association




What is AV2T?  


We are the link between employees and the representatives of the employers 


AV2T is politically and legally independent, but is associated with the representatives of the union “Angestellte Schweiz” (Employees Switzerland; AS). AV2T members are therefore also members of AS (Employees Switzerland) 


Main purpose: Organized members to support the Collective Employment Agreement (GAV)


Re-negotiations for the new GAV: The more members we have, the stronger we are


VdA = Representatives of the Employees


What is VdA?


We are the link between employees and the management

Our Responsibilities – Duties - Tasks:      

Representing concerns of the employees and delivering their requests to the Board of Management


Distributing information from the Board of Management to the employees


Salary negotiations with the Board of Management


Handling and further development of the salary system


Surveillance of the GAV and internal regulations 


Benefits of the GAV








The GAV (Gesamtarbeitsvertrag) is a Collective Employment Agreement between the Association of Employers and Trade Unions, guaranteeing better working conditions than Swiss labour laws require, such as: 


40 hours/week working hours 


Holidays up to 6 weeks per year (age dependent) 


9 days paid public holidays per year 


Guaranteed 13th salary 


Right for education 


Support in conflicts with employer, help for solutions (Court of Arbitration) and/or legal assistance